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Friday July 4th 2008 - MPs Will Carry On Spending And Shopping

The directly elected ones yesterday voted to carry on shopping - at your expense! The MPs have rejected simple reforms of their expenses and, despite those demands from an outraged public, those taxpayer funded goodies are set to continue. Take a look here to see what those elected ones have been buying with your hard earned money over recent years. Not only have MPs voted to keep their £24,000-a-year allowance to help furnish "their" second homes, but they have also voted down moves to subject these same allowances to an "external audit". If all that wasn't enough, they have even approved a very special scheme to have "better constituency offices" at your expense (indeed, an estimated £3.2m at your expense every year). This news came as it was revealed that the number of MPs "publicly admitting to employing relatives" at the expense of the British taxpayer had now risen to 176. It also emerged that 87 MPs have been "refusing to tell" the British public what they actually "employ their staff to do". The allowance decision was made as 'The Times' online columnist Mr Mick Hume attacked The British Monarchy and demanded that Gordon Brown and The Labour Party change its new policy on The Monarchy (see Mick Hume's article here). That Labour policy which was revealed exclusively to us at Monarchy Wales last year (here and here). Thankfully, one can only imagine what life would be like under a directly elected president in the United Kingdom, but perhaps the stories here, here and here give us all one big clue. A big clue to how this President of the United Kingdom might actually act once he or she is elected to office. Funny how those words "snout", "trough" and also "oink" spring to mind.

Monday June 30th 2008 - Bayeux Tapestry Was 'Made In Britain'

A British historian, who works for a BBC magazine, has risked a new row with France by saying the French national treasure The Bayeux Tapestry was made in Britain. The famous depiction of William The Conqueror's 1066 invasion of England is a major tourist draw in Bayeux (Normandy), where the records show it has been since at least 1476. However, Dave Musgrove, editor of BBC History Magazine, said most experts now agree it was created on this side of the Channel four hundred years earlier (c. 1070). Mr Musgrove also suggested that the embroidery, which has not been displayed in Britain for several centuries, should now be moved to its proper home - The United Kingdom. This idea concerning moving the Tapestry, which is "230 inches long and 20 inches wide", has certainly stirred up quite a bit of debate. Learn more about this Tapestry by here, here and here. Theories about its English origins are based on the style of the Tapestry, and also the fact that it is reminiscent of illuminated manuscripts created in Canterbury in the 11th Century. Even the French curator of the museum in Bayeux thinks it was made by the English, because of the way the Latin text, that forms part of the creation, is written. Mr Michael Lewis, the deputy director of The Portable Antiquities Scheme (The British Museum), said: "A lot of people in this country don't realise The Bayeux Tapestry was probably produced by English workers. I do think an exhibition here would engage the British people with this document of one of the most important periods in our history. It is also one of the most fabulous works of art from the medieval period. There is a very real relationship between The Bayeux Tapestry and this country and it is a pity that people in this country do not know more about it's history. I am not saying it should be over here permanently but it would be nice to see it come over for an exhibition so that it can be displayed with those works of art it was influenced by." Michael Lewis follows the Canterbury theory and also believes it was commissioned by William The Conqueror's own half brother Odo Of Bayeux - in order to be possibly displayed in Bayeux Cathedral at the time of that building's completion in 1077. Odo was The Bishop of Bayeux and became The Earl of Kent after the Conquest. As the Bishop's power base was within Kent, the Tapestry is now believed to have been designed and also constructed in southern England, most probably in Kent, by loyal Anglo-Saxon artists. However, those wanting to see this Tapestry in Britain again are likely to be very disappointed. It is now said to be "too fragile to be moved". Art historian Carola Hicks said she was not too sure such a delicate work of art could be moved. "If people in Britain want to experience this Tapestry without going to France, they should go to The Reading Museum and look at the excellent Victorian copy that was sewn in the 1880s." She added that Napoleon once brought the Tapestry to Paris as "a propaganda weapon" when he was planning to invade England back in 1803. Carola Hicks then joked: "Look what happened to him!" There have been requests from the United Kingdom for a loan of this Tapestry. The first time was for The Queen's Coronation in 1953 and the second time was for the 900 year anniversary of The Battle of Hastings in 1966. Neither bid was successful. William The Conqueror is believed to have arrived in south Wales some fifteen years after his initial invasion of England which was on October 14th 1066. (Learn more about The Battle of Hastings here and here.) It is now understood that he toured south Wales, where he would have been greeted by all his loyal subjects in Cardiff and also St David's, in 1081. During this visit he announced that he would be creating a new central base within Glamorgan and also in Wales - called Cardiff Castle (more here). As well as developing his Cardiff Castle and Windsor Castle, King William is also responsible for Chepstow Castle, Caldicot Castle and Usk Castle - and a whole host of other famous Castles within England too. By so doing he laid those firm foundations for the eventual unification of England and Wales - and also this one single United Kingdom that we all know and cherish today. More about King William's Castles, their style and development, here, here, here. A timeline of these events via here. Over the past few months Monarchy Wales has received quite a number of e-mails asking about the history of Wales - and why it is now a Principality that has The Queen's first born son as it's very own Prince. For the full story just read the article here. It's also worth viewing the short article dated October 27th by here.

Friday June 27th 2008 - A Prince And Duchess Tour A Principality

His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales and his wife, The Duchess of Cornwall, have both visited the Principality this past week - on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. This special visit to Wales came as our Prince marks fifty years as Prince: 1, 2, 3, 4, 56, 7. Learn more about the life of our Prince just by clicking upon here. To view additional photographs of The Prince of Wales taken throughout his life, just visit 'The Corbis Archive'. Using this archive is simple. To see our Prince way back in 1957 or 1954, just type 'prince charles 1957' or 'prince charles 1954' in 'The Corbis Archive' search box. Rarely seen pictures of our Prince can also be viewed by here and by here. In addition, after a number of requests from visitors to this site you can now read the words and listen to the music of 'the official anthem' of Monarchy Wales - "God Bless The Prince Of Wales!". Full reports on the Royal summer visit will now appear below. Royal Visit Monday: Reports 1, 2, 3, 4. Pictures 1, 2. Film 1, 2. Background 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Extra Reports On Tuesday: 1, 2, 3, 4. During Tuesday June 24th, The Princess Royal visited The Upper Sirhowy Woodland Project at Williams Street, Hollybush, Blackwood. She has also visited 'The Royal Corps Of Signals' at their base at Cawdor Barracks, Brawdy in Haverfordwest. More about Her visit can now be read by here. Royal Visit Wednesday: Reports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Background 1, 2. More reports appeared here, here, here and here on Thursday. If any of our links are broken, just 'Contact Us' and let us know. With some links you may need to Refresh the page on arrival. On Thursday, The Prince of Wales and also The Duchess of Cornwall both attended a Dinner at Caerphilly Castle to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the year Prince Charles was created The Prince of Wales. Back in 1958, the people of Wales were informed at The Empire Games in Cardiff that Her Majesty The Queen would formally make Her son into The Prince of Wales one day. It is understood that our nine-year-old Prince, along with some of his friends and his headmaster, watched this event on television at his school in Cheam. The Prince is said to have had no idea that the announcement concerning him was going to be made - and his equally surprised friends were said to have gasped loudly in their astonishment and amazement. Here at Monarchy Wales we have been looking back to 1958, The Empire Games and, of course, one very special Prince. Here are some more pictures and related news articles of interest: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. More photographs of our Prince can be found via 'Jamd' here. Royal Visit Thursday: Reports 1, 2, 3 then 56. Film 7, 8 and 9. View more footage by searching 'prince charles' at 'ITV Local'. Extra Reports Friday: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. New Photos Archive. Closing our reports on this Royal visit - a few rarely seen snaps: 1, 2, 3. The childhood and the lifetime of His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales is currently being celebrated in a new Royal book and also an exhibition. The book contains unseen photographs of our Prince as a boy - including photos taken of some of his 1950s Royal toys. Details about the book: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. A very rare insight into the childhood of a young Prince is also being revealed at a new exhibition at Windsor Castle. 1, 2 and 3.

Thursday June 19th 2008 - Campaign To Stop Future Investiture

Just under one thousand Welsh people have now signed a public petition demanding that there be no Investiture that will make Prince William the next Prince of Wales. The petition, which has been signed by a number of well known political figures in Wales, can be viewed here. Details about campaign here, here, here, here, here. The petition has been highlighted by Cambria Magazine. In a press statement on Tuesday June 17th, Neil Welton, the leader of Monarchy Wales, suggested that republicans were so desperate they had been reduced to "whistling in the wind" of their own making. He pointed to polls which have indicated strong support for William and for Monarchy in the Principality. Speaking on Tuesday Neil said: "There is no need to launch petitions. Just check out all the latest opinion poll research. It is now clear that around 70% of people in Wales support the Monarchy, back the United Kingdom and believe in Prince William. This compares to the 16% who want to live in a republic, the 10% who want to smash up the United Kingdom, and also the 7% who feel that they can fully trust an elected representative. I'm afraid those who oppose any Investiture of Prince William as The Prince of Wales are merely whistling in their own wind - of which there is far, far too much."

Sunday June 15th 2008 - United Nations Says 'No' To A Monarchy

A United Nations "Human Rights" Council Report has concluded that the United Kingdom must "consider holding a referendum on the desirability, or otherwise, of a full written constitution - preferably republican". This Council Report, compiled by 29 members of the United Nations, added that the United Kingdom should hold a referendum on the Monarchy and also on the need for A Bill of Rights. It is understood it was the envoy of The Democratic Socialist Republic Of Sri Lanka, Dayan Jayatilleka, who raised concerns over the existence of this Kingdom's British Monarchy and also wanted it included in the final report. Two weeks ago Amnesty International revealed that hundreds of people have been kidnapped and murdered in Sri Lanka by shady forces allied to its Government. Earlier this year it was also revealed that The British Monarchy costs every adult in Britain around 65p every year - but even groups representing the interests of the British taxpayer said there was "no case" for getting rid of The British Monarchy. Defending The British Monarchy, Matthew Elliott of The Taxpayers' Alliance, said: "With so many human rights abuses, the UN should be busy reporting on issues of starvation, execution and also the denial of the vote to huge numbers of people around the world."

Wednesday June 11th 2008 - Republican Support Has Collapsed

A devastating new opinion poll for Welsh republicans has revealed that 70% of young adults would vote to keep the Monarchy - whilst only 16% would vote to live in a republic. This news comes after Prince Harry was welcomed to Cardiff by a large number of screaming and crying school girls. When asked "70% of 18 to 24-year-olds" said that they wanted Prince William to be the King of their generation one day. This poll of 1,004 people, which was commissioned by The Discovery Channel, also found that 81% of the population as a whole didn't want Her Majesty The Queen to retire. Prince William's very close friend, Kate Middleton, also received a large poll boost - 80% thought that she would make a most excellent addition to our Royal Family. In a brief statement Neil Welton, the leader of Monarchy Wales, said he was now just "delighted" that the support for Welsh republicanism had "completely collapsed" within the Principality. A similar opinion survey in 2002 found that 58% of young people wanted to keep the Monarchy as it is, whilst 34% wanted to see the position of Head of State radically altered or abolished. This 2002 'Golden Jubilee Poll' also revealed for the first time that support for the Monarchy was the most strongest in Wales. Only 9% of adults wanted to abolish the Monarchy, compared to 21% in Scotland and 12% in England.

Thursday June 5th 2008 - Prince Harry Making The Girls Scream

Prince Harry, The Patron of 'Dolen Cymru' has been meeting with pupils and staff who have all been involved in "a school link with Lesotho" at Cathays High School in Cardiff. His Royal Highness, Prince Henry, then met with NHS staff and health professionals involved in the health links with Lesotho at the offices of The Cardiff and Vale Health Trust now at Cardigan House, Heath Park in Cardiff. Prince Harry, Patron, Sentebale, also "attended and then addressed" the Third International Conference of charities working in Lesotho at 'The Millennium Stadium' in Cardiff. Our young Prince then attended a big reception for Dolen Cymru supporters and delegates of the Third International Conference - as well as officially opening an exhibition of 'Basotho tapestries' at The National Museum In Wales at Cathays Park within Cardiff. Prince Harry became the Patron of Dolen Cymru (Wales Lesotho Link) in March 2007. Much more about that here. To learn more about the life of our Harry click here. To see some new photo galleries of our Prince click: 1, 2, 3, 4. To see older pictures of our Prince click: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Last month Prince Harry's brother, Prince William, visited south Wales - more about that visit below. Cardiff Harry Mania News Reports: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Pictures here. Background briefings to the visit: 1 and also 2. More reports appeared Friday: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Before you go check out - here, here and also the film here.

Thursday May 8th 2008 - Recent Royal Visits To The Principality

The Prince of Wales (President, National Trust) visited Bodnant Garden at Tal-Y-Cafn in Conwy on Friday April 25th 2008. He also visited St Grwst Church which is at Llanrwst in Conwy. Our Prince then opened the new North Wales Newspapers Press Hall at the Deeside Industrial Park. News reports here, here and here. A background briefing to the visit via here. On Thursday May 8th 2008 Prince William met with children, families and staff involved with the "Valleys Kids" 'Dinas Community Project' at Pen Dinas, Porth in the Rhondda. Our fantastic Prince also toured "The Soar Centre" during his visit to "Valleys Kids" at Cross Street in Tonypandy. Prince William of Wales (The Patron, Mountain Rescue Council England And Wales) later viewed the Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Base. He met with the team and assisted with "a practise rescue" at The Central Beacons Mountain Rescue (High Street, Dowlais) in Merthyr Tydfil. Full reports here, here, here. Pictures here. Films 1, 2, 3 and 4. Background briefing here. Prince William of Wales then completed his week of "solo" engagements with two special visits with a sporting theme in England. On the Friday, he visited a primary school in Blackburn for a kickabout as part of his role as President of The Football Association and its "Skills Programme". Full reports here, here, here. Pictures here and here. Film by here. On the Saturday, our young Prince visited The English Schools' Swimming Association's Water Polo Championships in the west Midlands. Full reports here, here, here and here. Pictures here and here. Film here.

Saturday May 3rd 2008 - William Attacked Over Chopper Flights

Former Royal protection officer Ken Wharfe has claimed Prince William would have been in no danger during his recent visit to Afghanistan. Mr Ken Wharfe said: "It would be pretty well sterile while he was there. I am slightly sceptical about this. I think the cynics among us will say it is an attempt to cover up the Chinook jollies." Responding to this news, Simon Weston, Welsh monarchist and Falklands hero, joked: "If only I'd had a helicopter to land in my girlfriend's back garden! When my great uncle Ken, from Merthyr Tydfil, got married he pinched a tank and drove it to the wedding. That was seen as a "good old boys' story", but because William is a Royal it is seen as a bad thing. So what that he has got a perk in life? Some people do have perks!" In his statement Neil Welton, the leader of Monarchy Wales, also joked: "If only I had a lady friend to impress with that big chopper that I do not have! Honestly, the criticisms of our young Princes are becoming as pathetic and bizarre as they are desperate - especially from that rattled republican movement in Wales. How on Earth can one gain confidence flying a helicopter, if you do not have the opportunities to fly a helicopter?" This fresh attack came as Prince William attended a Dinner in aid of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal at the Guildhall in London. Prince William is Patron of the Appeal which this year is supporting two health charities. These charities were chosen by the current Mayor of the City of London, David Lewis, who is very proud of his strong links to The Principality of Wales. Our young Prince said he was delighted to become Patron of the initiative. He added: "Becoming involved in this way is particularly special for me because of the past association and commitment of my mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, to the Wellbeing Of Women. The vital work of Orbis in helping to save sight in India and other regions of the developing world was also endorsed by my mother and is of particular interest to me. I wish both charities every possible success with all their fundraising efforts and very much look forward to following their progress throughout the year." More via here.

Thursday March 13th 2008 - Prince Harry Is Now The Ginger Prat

A reporter on the 'Wales On Sunday' newspaper has suggested "ginger" Prince Harry is nothing more than a "prat". Writing in his weekly column, the journalist James McCarthy claims that Prince Harry's recent effort in Afghanistan was nothing more than "PR baloney" designed to make "our outdated Monarchy seem relevant". He also claims the "charade" was "an insult to every parent whose child has died on the frontline". He adds: "Just another squaddie, apparently with a kill count of up to thirty. His mother would be so proud." Details here. Meanwhile his fellow columnist, Angharad Mair, has also described Prince Harry's work as a "PR stunt" which she found offensive. Angharad Mair said Prince Harry was being "selfish" for wanting to go out to war. She explained: "The glorification of this war through Prince Harry is despicable. He was completely selfish in going and should never have been allowed near any front line. This was provocation at its worst, and all the bloodthirsty reporting of it will surely put more people at risk." Full details via here. Responding to "the nasty articles", Neil Welton, the leader of Monarchy Wales, said in a statement: "It is always a great shame when people in a position of responsibility decide to step into the gutter by making highly personalised attacks like these. However, the good people of Wales will not be fooled - for you can never substitute intelligent and coherent argument with personal abuse. No doubt, next week, these two "journalists" will be writing twee little articles complaining about the state of our society and wondering why people no longer show basic respect to one another. Or, far more likely, writing "long winded rants" about perceived insults against "Welshness" and the "Welsh identity". A "Welsh identity" which, like ginger hair, is something you are just born with." Early in November James McCarthy approached us at Monarchy Wales concerning this so-called "news" story.

Tuesday March 11th 2008 - "Older Stories" Are 'In Our Archives'

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