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Constitutional Monarchy: Need Of The Hour
Restoration of the Constitutional Monarchy : the need of the hour in Nepal, Iran and Afghanistan

A constitutional monarchy should be modern and progressive, secular, dynamic and responsible, The monarch should form the government which should be accountable to the king/queen as well as to the House of Representatives-the parliament, whose members sould not become ministers as they are not chosen for this purpose, and because as ministers they are too busy and find no time to represent the people who chose them as their representatives.
The ministers should be educated, qualified and experts of their fields, like professors, who should be accountable to the king as well as to the parliament.
If a king or queen accepts unqualified and less able and less educated persons as princes, princesses or ministers, (whether from the Royal family or from some other groups of the influential people or the representatives of the people), he/she will be sowing the seeds of difficulties, troubles and problems for the crown as well as for the kingdom. (King/queen’s son/daughter is only a king/queen’s son/daughter and not automatically a prince/princess. The king/queen being head of all families of the kingdom, should choose the best candidates as crown prnce/princess, princes/princesses and the ministers from amongst all families of the kingdom.)
« … Like Frederick William I, Frederick the Great of Prussia-Germany thought of kingship as a duty. To him it entailed obligations to be met only by untiring and conscientious work. It was his duty to protect his subjects from foreign evils and military attack, to make them prosperous, to give them efficient and honest administration, and to provide them with laws that were just and simple and adapted to their wants and their particular temperament. In order to achieve these objectives, the ruler must sacrifice his own interests and any purely personal or family feeling. Raison d'état, the needs of the state, took precedence over these and also over the immediate comfort and happiness of his subjects. The ruler could carry out his duties effectively only if he kept the reins of government firmly in his own hands. His rule must be personal. He must not just rely on ministers who may be influenced by selfish ambitions, religious prejudices or factional feeling and who might indulge in unnecessary wars or keep important information from the monarch. Personal rule alone could produce the unity and consistency essential to any successful policy. In his book Anti-Machiavel, a somewhat conventional discussion of the principles of good government published in 1740 just before his accession, the German Prussian King Frederick the Great wrote that there were two sorts of monarchs—those who ruled in person and those who merely relied on some sort of representatives of the people or some other groups of interested citizens. The former monarchs were “like the soul of a state” and “the weight of their government falls on themselves alone, like the planet earth on the shoulders of Atlas,” whereas the second group were mere phantoms. Yet Frederick the Great would have rejected outright, and on the whole with justification, any suggestion that he ruled as a despot ; the absolutism attributed to his name was only in the interest of the state and the people : « Inside the state, no other foreign power had sway, any right to interfere. The state was absolute in the matters of the country and citizens ». He would have claimed that his power, however great, was exercised only within limits set by law and that the obligations inherent in his position made it impossible for him to govern in an arbitrary way. Frederick the Great called himself « the servant of the paeple ». (This is, of course, completely different from the attitude of the absolutist President George W.Bush of the USA who claimed to be above the law and the parliment, and who like the British Prime Minister Tony Blair threw USA and Britain in useless wars of mass-murders and genocides in Iraq and Afghanistan resulting in mass-murder of nearly 5 millions civilians an Afghanistan and more than one million civilians in Iraq along with loot, plunder, rapine, torture, prostitution, disability, destruction and destability ; and death and disability of the thousands of American and European soldiers. What a republic, what democracy, and what an elected president, and what an elected prime miniter! What a shame, indeed !)
[« Devine Right of kings/Queens » was invented by the priests for their own religious benefits ; in fact, the kings and queens rule by the right of the political necessity: A sovereign is always necessary to be the centre of the loyalties of the citizens ; to guard the sovereignty of the nation ; to look after the jurisdiction of the country against invasion and intervention by all types of religious, ideological, communicational, intellectual, physical, military, biological and other types of evils and threats into the land, air and waters of the country, whether internal or external.]
(After 14th failure in choosing a government in Nepal, it is clear that it would wise in the interest of the country to to restore Constitutional monarchy): A monarchy which works under a constitution which delimits the rights and duties of monarch as well as of the citizens and other individuals and groupos in government and the society. Most European and non-European, prosperous, developed and technically advanced countries like Britain Norway, Sweden, England, Japan, denmark, Monaco, Saudi Arab, Belgium, Leichtenstein etc. have the system of constitutional monarchy in their countries which made them prosperous and rich.

As mentioned above, it is a question of jurisdiction and sovereignty of the nation: a monarch, a sovereign is to be the permanent centre of loyalties of the nation; he is to be a permanent expression of the nation to the world. Sovereign is the person who defends the jurisdiction and sovereignty of nation against the whole world, against a hundred types of internal and external evils on a permanent basis ; a king/queen cannot be changed every 3, 4 or 5 years; he/she should be there on the throne on behalf of the nation as long as he/she is capable and useful. He/she must appoint somebody as his junior or crown prince, not necessarily his son or daughter but anybody in his kingdom who would be educated, qualified, loyal and rational, from the immediate royal family or not. A crown princess/princess should be an able person to become the king/queen. The king or the queen is head of not only one family but of all the families of the kingdom, therfore he/she must choose the best crown prince/princess as well as the other princes, princesses and ministers from amongst all families in the kingdom.
A president, on the other hand, is someone who presides over some proceedings, for example, of a student union or trade union or a state etc. A president is not a sovereign. A prime minister is the first administrator of the country ; he is neither a sovereign nor a point of union for the country nor yet a guard over the jurisdiction of the country. A president or a prime minister may sell the country through a contract to another country against the sovereignty of his own country, as he/she is not a sovereign of the country ; anybody, loyal or disloyal, a patriot national or an enemy agent, a member of an organized criminal gang or illegal drug mafia, an ignorant fool or half-lwitted demogogue or showman or even a proclaimed mentally ill person might get elected as president or prime minister and so may destroy the country.


Countries of the world continue to exist, function, and progress on the foundations of sound social and poltical systems. For a lesson, read the history of Afghanistan : As long as King Zahir Shah was there on the throne, the country was at peace, the institution of the monarchy had kept the organized mullahs as well as communists under control. As soon as monarchy was dismissed, first by the communists, then by the mullahs, the country went into a perpetual civil wars, mass-murders, genocides and destruction : first by the Russian Army, then by the Mujahideen, then by the Taliban and the Al-Quaida and now by the NATO armies : only since the NATO armies began their military actions and war only a few years ago, there has been 4.9 million killings of Afghani civiliams, and thousands of deaths and disabilities of the European and American army men ! After the monarchy was overthrown in France during the French Revolution of 1789, thousands were murdered by the revolutionary regime, thousands were repressed and had their lands and money confiscated. After the monarchy was overthrown in Russia, Lenin and the Stalin committed genocides and mass-murders of millions of people in the gulags-the labour or Nazi-style concentration camps ; after the monarchy was overthrown in Germany in 1919, the Nazis committed holocaust and genocides of Jews and the repression and expulsion of the liberal Germans and Europeans ; after Mao’s Communist revolution in China, millions of people wer killed by artificial famines and genocides committed by the Mao led Communists ! After the monarchy was overthrown in Cambodia, Iraq, and Iran, there occured a regime of Communist and Communist-style Islamic fascism, repression and genocides, an imitation of the Italian and Nazi-style fascism.


The constitutional monarchy being the answer to such grave political and social problems, it is necessary that it is modern and progressive, secular, dynamic and responsible : the government ministers should be answerable to the King and the queen and accountable to a House of Representatives-the parliament- whose members should not become ministers as they are not chosen for this purpose.

To repeat : If a king or queen accepts unqualified and less able and less educated persons as princes or ministers, (whether from the royal family or some other influential groups/families or the representatives of the people), the king/queen will be sowing the seeds of difficulties, troubles and problems for the crown as well as for the kingdom. (King/queen’s son/daughter is only a king/queen’s son/dautgher and not automatically a prince/princess; the king/queen being head of all families of the kingdom, he/she should choose the best candidates as crown prnce/princess, princes/princesses and the ministers from amongst all families of the kingdom.)

That is, indeed, the way of the wise.


A Humanist
Posted by A Humanist on 05 November 2010

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